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Dear provider of statistical information,
We all found ourselves in a very difficult situation caused by COVID-19. The data you are submitting under INTRASTAT-SK system are an important part of the indicators enabling to monitor the state and development of the Slovak economy.
We understand that reporting all details on INTRASTAT-SK declarations may be problematic due to limitations that apply to you and your business partners. However, providing detailed information about at least your most important business operations during the state of emergency would be greatly appreciated. You can aggregate the remaining transactions into commodity code 9950 00 00, specifying only the value of the goods and the Member State of consignment/destination.

In case of login problems, please contact the Helpdesk staff of the Financial Directorate of SR - customs section, e-mail: helpdesk.intrastat@financnasprava.sk, tel.: +421 2 48 273 366, +421 2 48 273 363.

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