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08.12.2020 Menu item BREXIT added.

30.09.2020 Regulation (EU) 2019/2152 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2019 on European business statistics introduces compulsory exchange of micro-data on exports of goods within the EU (dispatch) together with mandatory collection of new data elements on this flow - Country of origin and Partner ID in the Member State of intra-EU import (Member State of arrival). The provisions concerning external trade statistics will apply from 1 January 2022. These changes will be implemented to allow PSIs to report new data elements from the reference period 01/2021 on a voluntary basis and from the reference period 01/2022 on a mandatory basis. This change also requires modification of the XML message format and modification of the import formats of Intrastat-CS program.


  • New portal version launched


  • Added the option to import items to WEBFORM declaration in CSV file format

Electronic Reporting of Intrastat declaration from 1 April 2010:

  • New Law No. 55/2010 Col. supplementing Law No. 540/2001 Col. Regarding State Statistics entered into force on 1 April 2010. According to §25a Intrastat declarations can be submitted only electronically. Since the Law does not recognise any other form of Intrastat reporting, electronic declaration is considered to be the only way to fulfil the reporting obligation on the trade of goods between EU member states. Intrastat declarations related to April 2010 with the submission deadline of 15 May 2010 have to be submitted exclusively electronically.
    Partial declaration (adding items), deletion of item and declaration, correction of declaration can be submitted only electronically regardless of the period it is related to.

    More information about Electronic Reporting of Intrastat declarations is here.


  • Added english version of the web page.

INTRASTAT-CS application:

  • News about INTRASTAT-CS application are not published here as the program is still not available in English

Internet portal intrastat.colnasprava.sk:


  • Added Create declaration section which allows to create INTRASTAT-SK declaration directly on the Web (available after successful login)


  • Page modified to be compatible with standard browsers (Internet Exprorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Firefox)


31.05.2004 Beginning of full operation of INTRASTAT-SK system:

On 31.5.2004 full operation of INTRASTAT-SK system began. Login names and passwords for electronic communication were generated. PSI's (Providers of Statistical Information) will be informed about them by custom offices.
From this day on PSI's can send Intrastat declarations in electronic form through this portal.

24.05.2004 Instructions for full operation of INTRASTAT-SK system:

This portal was created for pilot operation of INTRASTAT-SK system.
Pilot operation was ended and after update the portal will be used for full operation. Beginning of full operation will be announced on this page, PSI's will be informed about that by custom offices.
INTRASTAT-CS application created for pilot operation has been modified and new updated version 1.0 is ready for the full opearation. There is a help file intrastat.hlp installed along with the program.

PSI's which took part in pilot operation can update the program by using Nápoveda - Aktualizácie - Zisti nové verzie , Stiahnu and then Aktualizova.

Other PSI's can download INTRASTAT-CS program from this page from section Intrastat-CS Software, part INTRASTAT-CS application.

We expect login names and passwords to be generated on 22nd week and to be announced to PSI's soon after (till the end of 23rd week at the furthest).